GuideGL is a C++ widget set for OpenGL. At this point GuideGL supports SDL and GLFW.

The intention is to create a simple completely managed user interface where all that is required is the implementation of events. Since the widgets are rendered by OpenGL, integration with 3D graphics is trivial.

Eventually GuideGL will be a development environment as well as a widget set, allowing rapid development of OpenGL applications requiring a user interface.

Currently supported:

    • Top level window

    • Subwindows

    • Button

    • Textbox

    • Checkbox

    • Radiobutton

    • Listbox

    • Dropdown box

    • Vertical scrollbar

    • Horizontal scrollbar

    • Vertical slider

    • Horizontal slider

    • Grid

    • Textarea

    • Tabbed frame

    • Message box



GuideGL is still at an early stage of development and not ready for download as yet.

Development versions are currently hosted at